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Parade Rules

All participants in the Huntsville St. Patrick's Day Parade must abide by the following rules:

  • You must obey all police officers, parade officials and volunteers before, during and after parade. If you fail to do so, you will face any legal ramifications and may be removed from the parade.
  • Group must complete registration process.
  • Trucks or vehicles longer than 40 feet total must be in place by 9:30am. All other entries and participants must be in place in the staging area by 10:30am. Use extreme caution maneuvering in staging area---designate parking spotters while parking any parade vehicle! Children moving about the staging area must be supervised.
  • Entry Dimensions: Total height of entry---must be less that 15 feet. Total width of entry---must be less than 30 feet. Measure your entry's length carefully for space in staging area. Last minute requests for additional space may not be granted.
  • NOTHING MAY BE THROWN FROM ANY ENTRY. Participants on foot may hand items out to the crowd along the parade route.
  • NO inviting parade spectators into the street. For everybody's safety please do not ask them to approach you, your vehicle, or your float.
  • No getting on or off any float or vehicle. Never stand or allow anyone to stand between a trailer and a tow vehicle---these practices are extremely dangerous. In the event that parade traffic stops, coordinate an all clear signal between driver(s) and responsible adults with a clear view of entire entry before proceeding.
  • All legally required, appropriate and necessary safety measures must be taken in and on all vehicles participating in the parade. THIS INCLUDES SAFETY RESTRAINTS, CRASH HELMETS, TURN SIGNALS AND BRAKE LIGHTS.
  • All entries must maintain a set distance from the entry ahead, except for the time allotted for performance in front of Judges' Reviewing Stand. For television purposes, parade officials may vary the pace of the parade. Any performances along the remainder of the parade route must be on the march! Do not accelerate quickly to close any gaps in the parade---this is likely to compound the problem.
  • Walking groups should contain enough marchers to make a good visual presence. While planning your entry, remember that the parade route is almost 2 miles long. Small children may need to ride.
  • Equestrian groups MUST include clean-up personnel. Any droppings must be cleaned up immediately---BEFORE ENTRY MOVES ON. Droppings must be placed in a rolling, covered container and removed from parade route for proper disposal.
  • Entries not meeting visual standards or containing inappropriate dress, music, or behavior may be pulled from parade. Entries should reflect the parade theme.
  • Lively behavior, having a good time, interaction with the crowd and hamming it up for the cameras are appreciated, but DISRUPTIVE OR ROWDY BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  • EXPLICIT OR SUGGESTIVE LYRICS/ACTIONS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Huntsville Police Officers will remove entries using any questionable music or gestures at their discretion.
  • Participants should follow the rules of their individual organizations, however Huntsville St. Patrick's Day Parade Rules will supersede those of the individual organizations. These rules may change up until the day of the parade.